Monitor and display settings

LCD (Flat Screen) Monitors

 lat Screen monitorDon't assume that because LCD flat monitors look elegant and neat on the desk that they are necessarily good for you. The cheaper LCD models can suffer from fuzziness, and resolution issues (they may only work at one particular size of font or screen resolution) - which may be too small for you to work with comfortably.

Moving images may appear 'ghostly' and blurred on cheaper models, making them useless for games and video.

On the plus side, LCDs are very useful where there are a lot of lights around the room which would cause annoying reflections on a CRT. Having said that, modern 'touchscreen' LCD screens may have a shiny surface and the problems of reflection and glare can arise unless the screen is placed carefully in relation to light sources in the room.

Before you invest in a new LCD flat monitor, look very carefully and critically at these aspects:

  • What are the 'Native' resolutions available (800 x 600 etc). Are these suitable for your eyes?
  • Viewing angles - does the display seem to get dim as you move your head from side to side?
  • Is the display fuzzy or sharp when looked at close to?
  • Is there ghosting when things move on the screen (for example a game or video picture)?
  • Are there any strange dark or light areas on the screen?
  • Is it very shiny - will this cause a problem with reflections?