Visual issues and breaks

You need to think about your eyes and how often you rest when you are using a computer. If you need to read with glasses, or have an over-bright and competing light source in the room, you may suffer from eye strain.

This can be harder to resolve if you use multifocal or varifocal glasses, you need to make sure that the angle of view you have on your screen is one that is properly comfortable for you.




When you have your eyes tested, check to see whether you need to use special glasses when you work at a computer screen. Employers must provide these free of charge if they have been prescribed by an Optometrist. If you are in employment, you can request an eyesight test or examination, which must be carried out by a competent person, as soon as possible. If the examination confirms the need for corrective spectacles for VDU work then the cost of the examination, together with the cost of the spectacles will be reimbursed. ( The cost of the eye examination must always be paid by the employer in any case). Repeat eye examinations should be be undertaken

Taking a break

You should aim to take a break every 15 minutes or half an hour to change your position. You can install some software to help you do this.